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And now we come to my favorite type of sexcams out there in the world of adult webcams. This isn’t the big boob sexcams for those of you who think you might now me well enough (you’re nearly there), it’s the POV couples sexcams that I really relish the most out of all of them. Now this little sexcam whore isn’t particularly my favorite type of babe to have in a sexcam couple, but she certainly did the job with the couples sexcam I entered the other day; and for those of you who think you know me, yes that’s right, a sexcam cutie with big boobs would have been much, much better than this one.

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AHotDoll is one of those seventies looking sexcam babes that you just love to look at in those old vintage porno movies; all that’s missing is that bushy overgrown pussy that was so fashionable in the seventies. This sexcam babe is bald and that has sadly ruined the illusion for me, but you might like that mixture of seventies and present day sexcam whore. When I went to visit her sexcam I just got this hot little webcam sex whore to do all the standard stuff, which she did with gracious ease and without a single problem. In fact, everything was pretty fucking fantastic! This is slightly unnerving in many ways because there are usually so many sexcam babes that won’t do this and won’t do that, that in the end you decide to just say fuck it I won’t bother with it.

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