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I just had reasonably straight webcam sex with her, and I didn’t bother with all the other stuff, like some people I know. It isn’t that it doesn’t get me off or anything, it’s just that sometimes I just want regular webcam sex; the fact that I pick the most irregular sexcam operator to do it with is an interesting point though. Maybe I feel as though I would like to challenge her a little, because what could be more of a challenge for her than someone who doesn’t want her special service? The sexcam session was pretty good and I enjoyed myself thoroughly, although I did allow a little bit of spanking to get things going a little; she started it!

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UxxNaty0 is one hell of a sexy babe. I love it when they dress up like this and make an effort for their customers. UxxNaty0 really does make an effort, and she did for me. What you see her in here is pretty much what she wore in my sexcam session with her. I’m not saying it’s her only sexy outfit, I’m just saying that it’s one of her best; and I would imagine that this is why she wears it a lot. You simply cannot beat stockings and suspender belts when it comes to sexy lingerie. I think she’s wearing a sexy little waistcoat type thing in this shoot too, and I have to say that it suits her. Now I think about it she didn’t have that on in my webcam sex session; and I’m feeling a little put out by that now, I think I’ll question her next time and try to find out why I didn’t get the good stuff!

Watching a sexcam babe strip out of this sort of gear is the next best thing to seeing them wearing it, and when I saw UxxNaty0 getting out of her bra I nearly creamed in my pants straight away. She turned her back to me, like you can see here in the picture, and showed me her back and her ass for the first time. Well you can imagine how I felt when I could see the back of her suspender going down her ass cheeks; I felt very happy indeed, and all I really wanted to do was jerk off there and then. However, I did hold back a little in order to see her fantastic tits. It was worth the wait and after a very short while, the gorgeous sexcam Aloysia decided to spread her legs and begin playing with her favorite dildos which really got things heated up!